Sustainability and health

Addington Company is committed to creating products that enrich our lives, not detract form them. We believe that a critical component of that is creating products that do not have a detrimental effect on the health of the planet, the people that make them, or the end user. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding materials, sustainability, and health.


All of our Furniture is made in a facility certified by Intertek’s PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) as well as Sedex Certification for employee rights and environmental sustainability.

We Follow and exceed EU and State of California standards for VOC, and Formaldehyde emissions. 

For the safety of everyone in the home be sure to use the included anti tip hardware to prevent tipping and crushing injuries.

Leather Goods

Leather Goods:

Leather is a by product of the meat and dairy industry. Our leather goods are made from leather sourced from North American and European cattle and tanneries, where environmental standards are actively enforced. 

The products are produced in house by hand in Minnesota, Or by our close collaborators PC Manufactures, a woman owned small business in Leon Mexico with generations of experience in the leather industry. 

All of our products carry the Proposition 65 Warning: For further details of why we included this warning please contact us for a full list of materials used. 

All of our products carry the Proposition 65 Warning for the following known reasons: 


Wood Dust (found in all wood products)

Formaldehyde (found in composite wood products)* 

*all our furniture products are within standards set by the California Air Resource Board and The European Union for low VOC emissions and indoor air quality.

For details on those standards visit:

Leather Goods:

Leather Dust (found in all leather goods)

Lead (specifically in the brass components of the leather bags. found in small amounts in most brass products, or goods produced in metal working factories) 

Chromium (found in small amounts in many leather goods as a byproduct of the tanning process) 

This list is likely incomplete, but it includes all the potentially dangerous chemicals found on the Prop 65 list known to Addington Company at the time of publication. Please visit for more information.